Asian faces are often flatter due to WIDER shape of the skull bone.

This often causes the cheek areas to lack sharpness.

Regardless of your ethnicity, we can enhance your attractiveness through:

Forward Cheek Projection

To create a 3D Effect

Sharper contouring

To provide smooth transition from middle to lower face

Tighter Cheek Look

For instant lift.




You can now achieve the 3D model look via Cheek Enhancements!



Dermal Fillers

Our Hyaluronic Acid fillers last 12 months to 18 months for cheek sculpting with natural feel

Am I suitable to go for a Cheek Lift?

Let us know your ideas and help you achieve greater beauty. If you are unsure of how our treatments could benefit you, our doctors provide free consultation via our online enquiry. You may kindly drop us a message on our Whatsapp link too