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Acne Scars Optimal Treatment (ASOT)

People with acne scars tend to get a combination of different scar types! Bella Clinic Acne Scars Optimal Treatment (ASOT) focuses on: Using Multimodal combination therapy At Bella Clinic, we recommend the safe, yet effective approach, by ensuring: Every scar is different, and its potential for improvement varies. From clinical analysis and experience, we prefer […]

Rejuvenation with High & Low Hyaluronic Acid Complexes

  This observational study conducted in Italy in 2015 demonstrated high satisfaction rates among participants who had facial rejuvenation using PROFHILO.   Visual pre- and post comparison of this facial rejuvenation technique showed an improvement in skin wrinkles. At the end of the treatment specifically one month after the second injection (T2), facial skin appeared […]

Unmasking our true emotions!

emotional mask

In an experimental study conducted in Germany, wearing the mask may make it difficult to analyse a person’s emotions. There are confusions, mostly pronounced in the case of misinterpreting disgusted faces as being angry plus assessing many other emotions (e.g., happy, sad, and angry) as neutral. While the whole world adopts the mask in the […]

Kepentingan Penghidratan kulit


Adakah kulit anda bermasalah dengan pengelupasan halus dan selalu kering? Kulit yang kering selalu memberikan rasa jarum menusuk. Sebab-sebab kekeringan kulit adalah: udara kering sekeliling yang sejuk (faktor persekitaran) penyingkiran minyak  berlebihan dengan produk penjagaan kulit anda exfoliation yang terlampau kerap bahan-bahan skincare yang mengandungi retinol atau benzoyl perokside (selalunya terkandung dalam krim anti-jerawat Pemilihan […]

Produk Penjagaan Kulit Yang Terbaik Anda Perlu


Terdapat banyak jenis produk penjagaan kulit khas untuk keperluan setiap orang. Ramai orang menguraikan rutin Korea 10-langkah penjagaan kulit dengan: Pencuci muka Pembersih jenis buih Pengelupas Toner Essence Serum Topeng Sheet Mask Krim mata Pelembap Sunblock (pada waktu pagi) atau Sleeping Mask (pada waktu petang) Anda mungkin juga tertanya-tanya sama ada masa yang diperlukan setiap […]

Treatment Options for Round Face

The goal of beautifying round faces (and to achieve the oval shape at the same time) can be done through: 1) Forward cheek projection using filler cheek augmentation to decrease perception of extra width for the entire middle-thirds of the face. 2) Chin augmentation by a view towards enhancing the vertical dimension of the midline […]

3S Lines for 3Dimensionality

While Asians tend to have a broader skull width (brachycephalic skull) and flatter cheek areas, there are several treatment options to enhance Asian facial contours for a more 3D look. Features such as: 1) Sculpted cheeks provide more forward projection for middle face area   2) Lower lip-chin angularity further enhances the V shape jawline 3) […]



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