Acne Scars Optimal Treatment (ASOT)

People with acne scars tend to get a combination of different scar types!

Bella Clinic Acne Scars Optimal Treatment (ASOT) focuses on:

Scar Priority

Targeting your cosmetically significant scars.

Fast Results

Prioritising rapidly improvable scars.

Using Multimodal combination therapy

Fractional CO2 Laser


Polynucleotide therapy

HA fillers

Combination Therapy

Chemical Recon of Skin Scars

At Bella Clinic, we recommend the safe, yet effective approach, by ensuring:

✔ Your skin condition is suitable before treatment.

✔ Your outcome is favourable: benefits greater than risks.

✔ Comfortable experience.

Every scar is different, and its potential for improvement varies.

From clinical analysis and experience, we prefer to treat every scar differently at different stages (fully customisable):

  1. Focusing on subcision to release densely adhered scars with Polynucleotide injection for concurrent repair and collagen stimulation. (Release and repair at the same time)

  2. Higher energy & density laser spread for more difficult scar textures.

  3. Controlled laser chiselling of tiny raised scar edges.

  4. Dermal filler injections for structurally significant dermal loss.

Not all scars are solely for lasers or injections.

We practise evidenced-based cosmetic medicine with aims to promote as much long-term permanent results as possible, and taking care to avoid rebound of scar blemishes.

With Bella Clinic ASOT, treating scars is never too late, and neither is the potential for improvements premature.

If you have experienced scar treatments previously, no matter at which stage, do visit us today for a consultation.

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