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According to the aesthetic analysis of the ideal eyebrow shape published in the Archives of Oto-rhino-larygngology, this research conducted in Germany in 2006 concluded that the preference of the eyebrow shape depends on the age, whereby ladies in mid-50s prefer the arched shape more whereas, younger ladies in 20s prefer either the high and the low eyebrow shapes.

The arched shape eyebrow has the highest peak in the middle of the entire eyebrow length, a common beauty ideal in the late 19th century.

The high and low eyebrows have a peak near the tail of the eyebrow (around one third the length of the eyebrow), differing only in the placement level above the upper eyelid, both which are common beauty ideals today.

If you are a young lady reading this, you would either choose the high or the low eyebrow! And if you have thinner eyebrows, you might want to consider less triming and choose to augment the your eyebrow tail elevation with muscle relaxation injection. This injection allows you to “lift” your browtail without the need for too much hair  trimming.

While all three shapes are expressions of beauty, your grandma may prefer a different eyebrow shape than yours.



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