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There are many types of skincare available today with each one suited according to the needs of one's skin.

There are many who elaborate their skincare routine everyday using as many as the famous Korean 10 steps, such as:

  1. An oil cleanser or a cleansing balm
  2. A foaming cleanser
  3. An exfoliant
  4. A toner
  5. An essence
  6. A serum
  7. A sheet mask
  8. An eye cream
  9. A moisturiser
  10. A sunscreen (in the morning) or a sleeping mask (in the evening)

You might also be wondering if the time and costs spent into all these skincare would really provide you with greater skin beauty? And importantly, whether it is compatible for your skin type.

We, at Bella Clinic, would like to share our 10 step skincare experience on what matters most for your skin, especially when reducing your skincare items could even be more beneficial for your skin!

1. Pairing incompatible ingredients together

IF you opt for a 10-step skincare routine, be mindful of picking the correct ingredients for each product AND the correct sequence for application.

For example, using serum containing retinol to renew your skin faster and a toner containing benzoyl peroxide may cause skin to become too thin and flaky.

And also, you may want to take note of applying  skincare starting off with lighter texture to the thickest texture. This is to avoid thicker products (such as a cream moisturiser) from blocking the serum absorption.

2.  Too much for sensitive skin types

Always remember to look through the ingredients to see whether they could benefit your skin.

For example, if you have fine wrinkles, you may choose to select a product with hyaluronic acid. If you are prone to comedones and acne, you may want to select salicylic acid.

However, combining too many active ingredients can cause irritation. If you develop skin redness easily, it would be best to keep a minimal skincare routine and go with gentle ingredients.

3. Knowing what product works

It is wise to introduce new skincare items into your routine one by one, to see if it gives you problems. This allows you to know what is and what isn’t suitable. Slower but safer.

4. Basic skincare may be the only thing you need.

Basic skincare consists of:

1. Cleanser
This is the first and most important step in your skincare routine to remove dirt and impurities from your face to prevent blemishes.

A cleanser with strong soap ingredients may remove too much of your natural oils and cause too much dryness.

Ultra Hydrating Cleanser is a great choice for dry sensitive skin as it does not contain any harsh soaps (SLES or SLS) exfoliate your skin and also contains hyaluronic acid to hydrate your skin.

  1. Moisturiser

Moisturiser prevents skin dryness and protects your skin from dryness.

Bella Moisturiser Gel Cream for all skin types contains additional snail secretion filtrate with growth factors for anti-aging effect and repair.

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  1. Sunscreen

Wearing sunscreen is extremely important to prevent skin burns but also prevents aging in the long term.

A little sunscreen everyday goes a long way in preventing early wrinkles. Bella SPF50 sunscreen blocks 98% of UVB rays.

Remember to wear your sunscreen indoors and try to reapply throughout the day.


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