Monthly Archives: April 2021

Apple sculpting for your unique face shape

When creating “apple cheeks” by augmentation of the cheekbone area, the preferred locations and shapes of the apple cheek differ among Caucasians and Asians. Caucasians prefer to have the apex of the cheek to be lateral to (away from the center of face) or above the cheekbone. Asians, who have wider midfaces with more prominent […]

Treatment Options for Square Face

While Asian beauty differs from Western ideals, a consensus on treatment recommendations to bring the square face closer to the ideal oval shape for Asians has been developed. A) HA fillers can be used to increase facial projection, enhance contours at the forehead, temples and chin. B) Botox can be applied for jawline slimming and […]

Face Shapes – Which one is yours?

In the pan-Asian consensus meeting on beauty treatments,11 experts from various countries unanimously agreed that the oval or heart facial shape was an aesthetic goal of Asian patients and recommended combination treatments to achieve this. Combination treatments should be used holistically to reduce widths, angularity, and masculine features and to enhance feminization, three-dimensional projection, and […]



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