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111 darklips and eyes

Get our Brightening Laser Combo Treatment –

for Dark Eye Circles and Dark Lips

Brighten up and fade dark skin pigmentation resulting from our modern ailments of:

1) Excessive Screen Time

2) Sinus Congestion / Allergies

3) UV Exposure and Chemical Irritation

4) Excessive Eye Rubbing

5) Genetic Causes of Increased Pigmentation

Achieve Slimmer V Shape, Face Lifting or Brightening – with any of the select 2 choices.

1) PRP (Platelet-rich Plasma) provides skin rejuvenation, anti-aging wrinkle reduction and pore size reduction for a younger look. Improve your skin quality in 1 session!

2) V Shape gets you a slimmer lower face shape for higher attraction.

3) HIFU Lifting for a totally non-invasive face tightening treatment – tighter skin, lifted cheeks and line reduction.

4) PICO laser for face brightening and pigmentation removal.

111 v shape

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